I am a calligrapher fascinated by the beauty of Arabic letters and the Universe that Calligraphy can open.

My journey started in 1996 with traditional handwriting following the precepts of a master. Rapidly, I discovered new ways of making Calligraphy and until now, I feel like an explorer combining my skills and sensitivities.

Calligraphy is a true passion for me and I am opening my world to you.

Hicham Chajai


Beirut – July 2019
My first exhibition in Beirut. It was a great experience to share my passion in Lebanon. Calligraphy is a major Art in the Arabic Culture and I am proud to contribute to its vitality across the world by proposing a new vision.

Dubai – July 2019
I was selected to present my “figurative” style together with other famous calligrapher artists such as Dia Allam. The Artworks I presented were Persians scenes inspired from miniature work, Portrait of celebrities, Prestigious animals like Horses and Falcons.


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Calligraphy is the art of combining with harmony a text and an image to deliver a message.

Hicham Chajai

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I believe my work speaks for itself

The beauty of Arabic letters has always fascinated me. Their shape, curves, flow, strength are magic, inspirational. When I was kid, I used to make drawings full of life, colors mostly representing with names sceneries from my vacations in Morocco. While student, I was lucky to be offered calligraphy courses by a master. Calligraphy was...

Imagine that you do not like anymore your tattoo? What can you do? Keeping it and being sad about it or going for an expensive erasing technique that may work or not? There is another way: using CALLIGRAPHY. You can revive your old design by giving it a new meaning that makes more sense to you. The...

Everything can be designed on paper, but not every design can be tattooed. I am often asked to create new designs using calligraphy and sometimes to develop ideas that I have never thought of. Every time, my answer is : “Yes, I can do it”. This is something magical with calligraphy, when your imagination has...

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VIdeo showing the creation process of a ring with Arabic Calligraphy Design


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