Exhibition in Copenhagen – November 2018

It has been a long time since I have organized an Exhibition.
This time it is in Copenhagen where I currently live and it will last the full month of November.
I would like to thank Fritz, a brillant musician that offered me the possibility to do so. I helped him design the cover of his new CD and in return asked me to take part of the inauguration of his new CD release.
In this exhibition, I am showing a variety of calligraphic pieces.

  • Modern calligraphy with a lot of colours and wide lines
  • Zoomorphic calligraphies
  • Figuratives creations with portraits and the Little Mermaid from Copenhagen
  • Photographies of Jewels that I designed

During the opening ceremony, I also offered calligraphies of names that the public could choose. Live demo are always a good way to share my experience. When people see how the different pen are used, how the imagination creates new shapes, they really look at my creation with another eye.
I would like to thank all the persons who came for this sharing event, colleagues, friends and unknowns curious to see more about Modern Arabic Calligraphy.
I will definitely organize more of these events.